Rapid Mobile Application Development

Avishkar builds mobile solutions for creating and publishing mobile sites and applications. You can deploy consumer-facing mobile experiences across the full spectrum of native apps, hybrid apps and HTML5 mobile websites. Our technology approach is to enable enterprises to move away from slow, expensive, developer centric mobile website and app development to a cloud-based, rapid, real-time models. Our mobile solutions combine rich, interactive, and configurable modules that serve as the building blocks for mobile websites and apps.
We aim to work with bootstrapping entrepreneurs, startups and large enterprises to build custom or platform based mobile applications. We focus on reducing the delivery cycle with a minimum viable product approach with scalable & reusable platforms to launch product faster into the market.

Augmented Reality

We work with companies that look forward to apply augmented reality solutions to their business endeavors. Industries such as engineering manufacturers, restaurant chains, hospitality, and sports sectors have tremendous opportunities to enhance their business.Augmented Reality technology lets you create an enhanced version of the real world. In mobile apps, AR is used for real-time image recognition, navigation, and virtual tours of places, locating deals, and more.



Voice search, product sharing, social networks, wish lists, mobile wallets and many other exciting features have made m-commerce the fastest growing industry in the world. Avishkar enables companies to leverage m-commerce and build sustainable solutions to grow their businesses and personalized shopping experiences.



The potential of wearable technology in health care, diet management, fitness and many other industries is tremendous. Our app development experience using Android and iOS platforms provides significant advantage to our customers. We integrate wearable devices with technologies such as GPS, location tracking, Bluetooth for device to device connectivity and look forward to build innovative consumer friendly solutions.

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